We understand. We’ve been there.

Few people know what it’s like to be the parents of very young children with the most extreme form of eczema. But we do. It began when our son Mikai was three weeks old, and spiraled into an endless loop of tear-stained days and sleepless nights. Raw, broken skin and blood-spotted swaddles. Mystified doctors and inconclusive tests. And always: The Itch. Agonizing, unpredictable, nonstop. Our first years as parents were all about survival, with brief, fragile moments of joy in between. When Quilan was born 18 months later, we hoped things would be different. But we were wrong. Nobody understood the helplessness, the frustration, the desperation. The wild surge of hope, followed by the crushing pain of disappointment. We felt it all—times two.

We tried everything.
But nothing worked.

Cream after cream, diet after diet, specialist after specialist. With each attempt, we prayed the relief would last. But it never did. Even the best in the country said they could only do so much. But we believed there was more. We could never accept just good enough. Our children deserved only the best.

When no cure worked, we decided to make our own. We went from one lab to another; many turned us down. Finally we found a Dutch lab: small, vegan, and passionate about making pure, natural, honest skin products.

We began formulating in small batches, testing on our son. Our first samples were failures, but giving up was not an option. We tweaked the formula bit by bit for over 18 months.

Until we had
a breakthrough.

That last testsample changed our lives. For the first time since they were born, we saw our sons’ skin soft, unbroken, whole after just three days. And the relief wasn’t temporary. It lasted.

Soon our son stopped wearing his antibacterial silver-coated suit, which he wore daily since he was three months old to regulate his skin temperature and keep him from itching. Bye-bye, silver suit. We don’t need you anymore!

Now our family is free.

Our kids are finally free to just be kids. Free to play, to laugh, to dig their toes into the sand. Free to sleep soundly at night. Free to enjoy the childhood they deserve. Now we’re free to be the parents we always wanted to be—with more love, more rest, more time for ourselves and each other. With more of us to give. Breathing and healing for the first time in years. Just like our children’s skin.

Kinh-Thi & Elmer


Oat Cream

  • Calms and soothes extra dry, sensitive, damaged skin
  • Formulated for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old. Good for grown-ups, too!
  • Free of fragrances, gluten & animal cruelty
  • Dermatologically tested
  • All-natural active ingredients proven to moisturize skin for up to 17 days



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