The desire to give our children
the very best.
The gratitude of living fully
in every moment.
And the pure joy of being… free.

Tiny Todd was born from all the things that kept us going through our own journey as parents of two very young children with extreme eczema. Throughout our journey, we discovered what worked and what didn’t. We tried everything on our own kids, and if it didn’t work for them, it simply wasn’t good enough.

What worked for us:
clean, honest skincare made only
with the purest ingredients
from Mother Nature.

Also: healthy, organic food, and a soothing, calming environment. Lots of fresh air and freedom to play. Peace of mind and heart. Above all: love and gratitude for every tiny moment.

Because if you really think about it,
no moment is too tiny.

Our flagship product, Itch-Free Oat Cream, is the wonder cream we so desperately wished we had when our babies were suffering the worst form of eczema imaginable.

We’ve done all the tests,
all research, all the trial
and error—so you don’t
have to.

We’ve done all the tests, all research, all the trial and error—so you don’t have to.

The most important thing we discovered that beating the Itch was more than just something we apply on the outside. How we are on the inside matters, too.

Tiny Todd is our way of sharing that with you.


Oat Cream

  • Calms and soothes extra dry, sensitive, damaged skin
  • Formulated for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old. Good for grown-ups, too!
  • Free of fragrances, gluten & animal cruelty
  • Dermatologically tested
  • All-natural active ingredients proven to moisturize skin for up to 17 days


Gijsbrecht van IJselsteinstraat 45
1082 KE Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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