Tiny Todd
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Your skin's best friend

We, Kinh-Thi and Elmer, are on a mission to help every baby, toddler, and preschooler with eczema enjoy life itch-free. How are we doing this? By incorporating ingredients to create a cream that works like no other cream.

Dear parents, this is Tiny Todd. Your skin's best friend.

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Free of junk, full of oats

And all kinds of things that are gentle for skin and nature

🌾 Full of organic oats. Not just a little, it's the main ingredient.

🌾 Vegan, so only plant-based ingredients.

🌾 Hormones? Blech, no.

🌾 With ectoin, a natural ingredient that continues to hydrate the skin for up to 17 days after application.

🌾 In an airless pump bottle made from recycled materials, this preserves the cream up to 30 months without any chemical additives

In short, Tiny Todd is your skin's best friend. It is available as [Itch-Free Oat Cream] and as [Calming Oat Lotion]



The story of our sons

The itch-free heroes behind Tiny Todd

Three weeks after the birth of our eldest son, Mikai, his skin began to itch. It turned out he had eczema, and not a mild case either. This was the starting point of a stressful period full of itching, sleepless nights, and distraught doctors.  

But is was also the beginning of Tiny Todd, and with it, an end to itchiness.

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1.000+ happy babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

And almost twice as many parents who can sleep soundly again

"Kinh-Thi and Elmer have applied a really beautiful form of citizen science. Where the establihed medical knowledge ends, seeking complimentary possibilities based on experience.

They managed that succesfully wiht this cream! It's good for people with allergies. But also for others, I have a lot of pleasure from it."

Prof. Dr. Jet Bussemaker
Professor of Science, Policy and Social Impact, specialized in health care


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