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Essential Skin Set

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There are no surfactants like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES) in our Gentle Oat Hair & Body Wash. Instead, it's full of a gentle plant-based oil that washes dirt off your skin. This keeps your baby, toddler or preschooler's natural protective layer healthy. Our Gentle Oat Hair & Body Wash does not contain any perfume or palm oil, nor micro-plastics. So it’s good for your skin, and kind to nature.

The Itch-Free Oat Cream helps your baby, toddler, or preschooler get rid of that troubled skin and uncomfortable ailments. It soothes and nourishes red, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. In this way you break the circle of scratching, itching, damaged skin, more scratching, more itching, further damaged skin.

Gentle Oat Hair & Bodywash:

You only need a small amount. Spread it out nicely. The oil becomes milky as soon as it comes into contact with water. This way your bath or shower does not become slippery and the body wash can be rinsed off easily. All the while your baby, toddler or preschooler has that fine feeling of nourishing oil on their skin.

Itch-Free Oat Cream:

Apply whenever you feel that the skin is dry. This way you ensure that the skin is always sufficiently hydrated. And how do you apply it? Well, with love. Apply it gently to the skin, until you no longer see any white. It's pure nature inside, so apply as often as you like.

Zoom Essential Skin Set
Zoom Essential Skin Set


Your skin's best friend.

Full of oats, free of junk.

Gentle Oat Hair & Bodywash:

🌾 Oil-to-milk formula. Feels like oil, but becomes milky when it gets into contact with water.

🌾 Vegan, so only plant-based ingredients.

🌾 Surfactants like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES)? No. Not in our product.

🌾 Kind to the skin and the planet, so no perfume, palm oil and micro-plastics.

🌾 In an airless pump bottle made from recycled materials, this preserves the cream up to 30 months without any chemical additives.


Itch-Free Oat Cream:


🌾 Full of organic oats. Not just a little, it's the main ingredient.

🌾 Vegan, so only plant-based ingredients.

🌾 Hormones? No. Not in our products.

🌾 With ectoin, a natural ingredient that continues to hydrate the skin for up to 17 days after application

🌾 In an airless pump bottle made from recycled materials, this preserves the cream up to 30 months without any chemical additives.

A word about those branches. 

You know what we know: personal care products often carry the biggest nonsense. For example, "natural" is a term you see on everything these days. Are most of those products natural? No. But ours are. Also, we don't want you to use "lots and lots" of them. You don't have to, because the most sustainable solution is always to be economical with what you use.

Because it really is and because parents say so.

You just want to free your baby, toddler or preschooler of their eczema and so you want a product that works and contains only healthy ingredients. Tiny Todd is that product. Not because our packaging screams it, but because it really is - and because parents say so.